It started with a press…..

We arrived in Somerset in 2003 having moved from Worcestershire, another cider making county.

Moving to the home of cider making it seemed rude not to join in and have a go at making Somerset cider ourselves. A gift of a 9 litre cider press from the parents/in-laws spurred our cider making into action, and we haven’t stopped since.

The small press was used for the first 2 years along with a hand cranked apple mill – on the second year both nearly went over the hedge: ‘it took how long to make just that?’ was the phrase heard.

As a duo of chemists we tinkered with blends and recipes for our own consumption, and found that our group of friends (and samplers) liked our recipes too. This meant a 130 L press and an electric apple mill…

…and in the last few years demand meant an even bigger press which we paired with a Speidel apple mill .

With our growing band of followers came an increase in offers of orchards from which we could harvest. These orchards are the forgotten orchards of Somerset that are blessed with heritage varieties of apples that make our ciders so unique.

We don’t use any old mix of apples to make our cider. We use chosen selections of apples and over the last 10 years we have refined the balance and mix of apples that go into our ciders and now we think they are rather good. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself and see if you agree with the judges who made 2019 such an amazing year for us, when we won the pinnacle of British cider making of Supreme Champion British Cider at the Bath and West Show.


We can be contacted by email or by phone. Please leave a message if it is not answered, we may be out of range, out of power, or out in the garden with some cider…..

07796 987 281

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